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New Delhi & Solan (H.P.)


Volontariat Moyen/Long terme

RUCHI aims to promote intercultural learning between individual, group and community, leading to better understanding and tolerance towards each-others culture. We believe achieving peace, harmony and working towards a world with fewer boundaries is a never ending process which can be achieved by increasing youth mobility through voluntary camps globally.

This is a pilot project where volunteer will have a unique opportunity and experience of living and working in New Delhi for 1 month and then move to RUCHI campus located in mountains of Himachal Pradesh for 2 month. The project will provide you an experience to participate in various community service initiatives implemented by us in rural areas and by our partner based in New Delhi.


The volunteer will start from New Delhi and participate in activities run by our partner based in outer suburb of Nangloi in New Delhi. Our partner operates a learning centre for marginalized kids living in Nangloi and adjoining suburbs. At learning centre they run capacity building classes for young kids: arts, pottery, tailoring etc and also take care if very young kids in their day care centre.

After a month in Delhi, the volunteer will move to RUCHI campus which is based in rural setting and provides community services to marginalized communities in Mountain area. The volunteer will participate in activities focussing on environmental conservation, protection and education on fresh water sources, organic farming and women empowerment initiatives.

Hébergement et nourriture: 

This will be basic, simple and shared with common toilets. Basic amenities shall be provided. We shall provide mattresses but the volunteers are required to bring their own bed sheets, sleeping bags and personal toiletries.

Food offered will be simple authentic Indian vegetarian and freshly cooked. Three meals a day will be served. Assistance while cooking is desired of volunteers. Volunteers are free to cook meals of their country choice on every Sunday.

Situation et loisirs: 

New Delhi & Solan (H.P.)

Conditions préalables: 

A good understanding of grassroots situation is required for such placements.
Good moral character and respect local as well other culture.
Volunteers must be prepared to live in harmony with others and work as a team.
No special skills are required, except dedication and commitment to a social cause to help rural communities.
Alcohol drinking and smoking is not encouraged in public and villages.


360 EUR/month
Fee has to be paid in advance and weekly payment is not accepted. The participants are required to pay the fee in cash on the first day of their arrival at site, Bank transfer service available upon request.
Leisure travel and personal expenses during free time are not covered in participation fee.

We expect volunteer to join on first Monday of each month. Initial orientation to volunteers will be provided at RUCHI office, desired project outcomes and volunteer’s role and responsibility shall be shared on arrival.

Placement, minimum 2 month and up to 3 months.
Please note that this project is available all year long.

01/01/2018 - 31/03/2019

Adhésion et Frais d’inscription à régler à Concordia : cliquez ici

Frais de participation à régler auprès du partenaire: 
360 EUR
Age minimum: 
20 ans
Age maximum: 
99 ans
Nombre de participants: 
Langue du chantier: