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Posta Fibreno (Fr)


Chantier adultes

Rise Hub is a permanent design laboratory for social innovation active in the territory of Valle di Comino that studies, researches and promotes good practices of inclusion and integration of migrants, sustainable lifestyles, non-formal education, social communication, neo-rural development and policies to support social entrepreneurship.
Rise Hub with the sponsorship of the City, proposed to organize this volunteer camp to support the community that does not have the enthusiasm energy to take care of its residual spaces, although they are of great potential and able to offer reasons for greater use of the common space by the premises and external visitors who pass through every week in the country.

Through the installation of new structures, it is intended to provide more opportunities for young locals to meet and take care of their territory. The main objective is to create welcoming places for rest and leisure. Through the reception and exchange between new energies and the dormant energies that live in the old town, it is intended to trigger processes of revitalization for the duration of the camp and local development in the long term.


The work of volunteers will consist in building small wooden structures in specific places in the country. Initially, volunteers will have to define, define and organise work areas. The second phase will consist in the preparation, cutting and transport of all the pieces whose structures will be composed for the subsequent assembly. In the final phase, they will have to rearrange and clean up
the work areas so that they can be returned to the community. The contribution of volunteers will be about 5/ 7 hours daily for 5 days a week, Saturday and Sunday are the days of rest.

Hébergement et nourriture: 

Volunteers will be accommodated in the local primary school located in the center of the town. The school is distributed in various environments, of which, will be available to volunteers 3 classrooms for sleeping equipped with nets and mattresses, a common foyer area, bathrooms for men and women, a room for food preparation and a gym for communal activities.

The showers will be set up in an outdoor area in the back of the school, as well as the food cooking area, will be adjacent and communicating to the food preparation room. The structure is equipped with wifi. Volunteers, divided into international teams, will take turns to prepare meals, clean bathrooms and communal areas. The food will only be vegetarian and most of
the food will be purchased by local producers and farmers.

Situation et loisirs: 

The volunteers will be housed in the ancient village of Posta fibreno, a small town in southern Lazio that develops close to the Apennines, halfway between Rome and Naples, perched on the top of a ridge, from which opens a wonderful panorama on the natural reserve of the Lake. Like so many other villages in Italy, Posta Fibreno, lives the tragic phenomenon of depopulation, a progressive
abandonment of young people and families in their native places, looking for better economic opportunities in the neighboring cities.

The main attraction is the lake, one of the most interesting and uncontaminated natural oasis of Central Italy, an intact natural environment, natural reserve of various species of birds, fish and protected plants, where you can do various leisure activities such as bird watching, scuba diving, kayaking and mountain biking, immersed in the unspoilt natural beauties where you can live an
unforgettable experience.

Roma Fiumicino - Aeroporto internazionale “Leonardo da Vinci”
Roma Ciampino - Aeroporto Internazionale di Roma–Ciampino "G. B. Pastine"

Sora (Fr)
Cassino (Fr)

Conditions préalables: 



19/08/2019 - 02/09/2019

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Age minimum: 
21 ans
Age maximum: 
99 ans
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