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Travaux manuels

PROJECT: This project is organized by “The World in one Room”, an association based on the social promotion and non profesional sport and is supported by as the municipality of Carsoli, in collabaration with many corps as the Pro loco wich is an association promoting local culture of the territory, a therapeutic rehibillitation center, the Circolo ARCI wich is an association of cultural and social promotion, the Womens House of Marsica and finally by the social cooperative Be free.


In Carsoli, manual and social activities are organized to promote natural areas and restore some structure of the village. Help them using your artistic and manual skills in this beautiful project.
#Nature#Citizenship #Painting #Renovation

WORK: Volunteers, international and local, will have the task of managing some public areas for children play (cleaning and control of access to playgrounds) and to carry out some minor maintenance work in the same areas (railing, equipment painting). and games in wood, maintenance of signposting of paths). In addition, volunteers will contribute to the organization of a day of cultural events (theater and music in different places in the local territory) proposed in collaboration with the Women House in the Marsica and Be Free, to raise awareness on the issue of combating violence against women.

Hébergement et nourriture: 

The volunteers will be host in the Cultural Center run by the World in one room Association, inside the village and volunteers will have an access to the toilets, showers and kitchen for the breakfast, lunch and dinner

Situation et loisirs: 

Carsoli is a small town in Abruzzo (5.500 inhabitants) 60 km from Rome and is connected by train, bus and highway. Volunteers will be able to reach the place by public transport and they will be welcomed by local volunteers.
La Piana del Cavaliere, is the area where the municipality of Carsoli. Carsoli has experienced significant industrial development since the 70s, thanks his proximity with Rome. It is a very natural and culturale area. In the municipality of Carsoli there are very spectacular caves crossed by different paths. Volunteers will have the opportunity to visit these and other natural areas of high value.

Conditions préalables: 



07/08/2019 - 26/08/2019

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Age minimum: 
18 ans
Age maximum: 
28 ans
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