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Akame 18-1


Akame 18-1

Volontariat Moyen/Long terme

NICE was founded on the 4th Feb. in 1990 by the 7 youth who had done the workcamps or other types of voluntary service programs abroad.
In Septembre 1990, the first international workcamp of NICE was held at the foot of the Mt. Fuji of Japan.

Organized together with is ‘Akame no Satoyama wo Sodateru Kai’(ASSK), a local environmental NPO, since 1998. In an area between Osaka and Nagoya, there were plans for a golf course and disposal of industrial garbage, but the local community has stopped them with the ‘Woods Trust’ movement. The group was formed in 1996 to collect donations to buy and protect the land, to build an eco-resort to enjoy nature, to maintain forests, to create a pond for dragonflies, etc…


We will do a various working to care of the forest such as cutting trees & branches, maintaining the footpaths etc… We will take care and harvesting mushrooms and chestnuts. We also support to organize some environmental events (e.g., to collect edible wild plants, nature observation) in their field.

Volunteers will get knowledge of how to conserve Satoyama, taking care of forest.

Hébergement et nourriture: 

Single room, in the pension named ‘Eco Resort Akame’. Volunteers cook by themselves.

Situation et loisirs: 

Location :
About 60 km east of Osaka. There are famous falls nearby that many hikers visit.

Terminal :
From Osaka, 1 hour by train from each.
From Tokyo, 4 hours by bullet train and train or 9 hours by bus and train.
Volunteer need to arrive at Kansai airport by 08:00 the 1st day, and can leave Japan after 22:00 on last day.

Leisure :
Participation in the local events, many opportunities to learn the local wisdom, etc. Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here).

Conditions préalables: 

General requirements :
- Best motivation for the voluntary work (special good skills and power are not necessary)
- Responsibility to keep rules of NICE & the partners and cooperation to run the projects
- Best efforts to understand and respect cultures both of the hosts and other volunteers
- Open mind to make friends with trying to speak English (in the groups) and the local language
- To adapt and enjoy simple conditions of the living such as food and accommodation

Specific requirements for the project :
Speaking some Japanese (common language will be Japanese) and strong motivation to work and enjoy simple life in the isolated area and respect to the local culture and way of the local organization! Skills of agriculture or construction can be useful!


12,000 yen per one month and 6,000 yen from the 4th month to be paid on their arrivals. There is no fee for vols. from the NGOs charging no fee in their LMTV projects to NICE vols.

NICE organizes Preparation Seminars for LMTV for Japanese/ foreign outgoing/ incoming volunteers together with Evaluation Seminars where all volunteers need to join (but LW projects often do it in the project sites independently). Volunteers need to come to meeting point of Seminar by themselves.

Please note that this project is available all year long.
If you want to end on another day (either shorter or longer), please choose among the following dates and clearly write on your application form; 05/13, 07/01, 08/05, 09/22, 10/28, 12/14, 01/13.

01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018

Adhésion et Frais d’inscription à régler à Concordia : cliquez ici

Frais de participation à régler auprès du partenaire: 
12 000 JPY
Age minimum: 
20 ans
Age maximum: 
99 ans
Nombre de participants: 
Langue du chantier: