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Amérique Latine


Volontariat Moyen/Long terme
Personnes handicapées

El Arca, Queretaro is supporting a new community for and with persons with intellectual disabilities that has established with the hope that it will be able to join El Arca as a «project» community. The workshop in Queretaro has grown from 6 to 22 participants in the last 2 years. In addition to impacting the lives of the Core Members, El Arca is also impacting families in the neighborhood. This project has the spirit of the encounter, listening and empathy and solidarity, with people with and without intellectual disabilities, strive to grow in competence. This enables us t fulfill our daily tasks well and play a role as citizens in the world.


1. Personal support for people with intellectual disabilities between 29 and 50 years old. The work also consists of supporting the house: cooking together, washing dishes and clothes, sweeping, making beds, folding clothes, going to the movies, hiking, transporting to school. It is also important to take care of the spiritual life of each person who is welcomed, that is why every Saturday or Sunday we attend mass in the same colony or in another one that they decide to attend.

2. In the workshop, there is also personal accompaniment for people with intellectual disabilities (deaf people, cerebral palsy, autism between 21 to 50 years old) who attend from 8: a.m. to 3 p.m. The workshops are painting, carpentry, bakery, cooking, jewelry, dance, yoga, monthly recreational and cultural outings to develop socialization, affection, respect, and teaching about their rights as people.

3. In El Arca people with disabilities are the center of the community so they will be accompanied to reinforce their gifts as people and according to this, projects will be carried out with each volunteer. We do short- and long-term projects.

Hébergement et nourriture: 

The lodging will be in the Home with its own room, but it will have to be open to share it if we do not have more places for one or two nights. There is soap, shampoo, cream for body and clothes that are used in the house, in case that they prefer specific brands they buy them with their own resources, the food is cooked according to a balanced diet.
The food will be prepared by the volunteers and the house’s assistants.

Situation et loisirs: 

El Arca, Queretaro

Visit the downtown where there are several cultural activities and hobbies that young people usually attend. The downtown is to 20 minutes from the project. Also they can visit San Miguel Allende, Tequisquiapan, the monolith called Peña de Bernal, Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, León City. We will give phone numbers of council members and assistants to be able to do personal activities.

Conditions préalables: 

Good disposal of teamwork, dedication, and responsibility. Be able to work with people with disabilities. Have a life insurance. Bring appropriate clothes (Women: low-cut clothing, no short skirts).
Be respectful of the rules of the community and with authority.

Three months: 6,300 mexican pesos
Six months: 9,500 mexican pesos


01/01/2019 - 31/12/2019

Adhésion et Frais d’inscription à régler à Concordia : cliquez ici

Frais de participation à régler auprès du partenaire: 
6 300 MXN
Age minimum: 
20 ans
Age maximum: 
99 ans
Nombre de participants: 
Langue du chantier: