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Volontariat Moyen/Long terme

The idea of the project is as follows:- intercultural exchange- educating kids interested in other cultures, tolerant to other nationalities, religions, races- learning foreign languages (chinese)- educating kids to share the values of international voluntary movement and ethical principles: to be willing to help the local community acting out of self-initiative, to solve conflicts without violence, to respect human rights, to promote solidarity between human beings at all levels


The volunteer will work as a teacher of Chinese or assist in teaching in the language school. Of course volunteers will be involved in all the after school activities. As our kids are interested in other countries, because most of them have never been abroad before, the volunteer should be ready to tell them about his/her culture, history, national food, songs and dances. Moreover the volunteer will take part in the cultural events and local festivals. His/her help will be also required in the local rehabilitation centre where there are kids from socially dysfunctional families where parents abuse alcohol and neglect their children. Also we have annual children camps where we need volunteers to organize different intercultural activities for the kids and promote informal education.

Hébergement et nourriture: 

Accomodation is provided in a rented flat which is located in the center of the city. money for food (100 euros per month) is provided from by the local host.

Situation et loisirs: 

Cheboksary is a small city but it s very beautiful. It is located on the right bank of the river Volga. The city is very green, we have a lot of parks and forests where you can have a walk and ride a bike. There are museums and bars, gyms and other facilities.

Conditions préalables: 

Visa to Russia is needed, the volunteer will have to do it using the invitation letter from our organization. The invitation is issued by the immigration center and the process takes 1 month. So the volunteer should apply for the project 2 month before the desirable starting date.We also require the certificate of no criminal letter.


We require extra fee from the participants for issuing the invitation letter. Participants can stay from 1 to 3 months as they wish

31/03/2018 - 31/01/2019

Adhésion et Frais d’inscription à régler à Concordia : cliquez ici

Frais de participation à régler auprès du partenaire: 
15 EUR
Age minimum: 
21 ans
Age maximum: 
99 ans
Nombre de participants: 
Langue du chantier: