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Caring for children at a kindergarten

Ho Chi Minh

Caring for children at a kindergarten

Volontariat Moyen/Long terme

Volunteers will help to taking care for children at kindergarten age. They are babies and between 2-6 years old. There are several kindergartens in urban area of Ho Chi Minh city.There are two type of kindergarten: the kindergarten for normal kids and for kids from poor back-ground.


Volunteers should pay a program fee of 400USD for the first 2 weeks and 100USD for each week after. This is to cover airport pick-up, orientation, food and accommodation, transportation to work as well as regular support from VPV team.

This program offers volunteers an opportunity to give back to the local communities as an individual while learning and improving necessary skills for life in a multicultural environment. It is up to the volunteers to decide the length of their stay, ranging from 01 week to 01 year. Joining this program, volunteers may not see the impact right away, but together will all other individual volunteers, they are making long-term and sustainable impacts on local projects.

MAIN ELEMENTS OF THE PROGRAM (what the fee is included) :
• Pick up from Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh city) international airport
• Accommodation at Volunteer House (Peace House)
• Food (3 meals per day) & drinking water
• 1 to 3-days Orientation training : Presentation of aims and structure of VPV & ist’s projects, Short introduction to Vietnam and tourist destinations recommendation, Practical information and arrangements, Basic Vietnamese & local travel guide, Visit to Host Placement(s)
• day Mid-term Evaluation (for those who stay for 6 months and over)
• day Final Evaluation
• On going support and supervision during the program (24/7 support)
• Local transportation to the project on working days

What is not include in the fee :
• Air fare, visa and travel/medical insurance
• Personage expenses during program
• Meals/Accommodation out arranged by personage plan

The arrival airport :
The arrival airport is Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (or Ho Chi Minh city international airport- There is another name is Saigon international airport). There are direct connection/flights from this airport to most international airports in the world (North of America, Europe, Asia, Australia, etc).

Arrival date, start date and pick-up :
The arrival date is Monday or Tuesday every week, except holidays (12 & 13 Feb 2018).
Our program usually starts on Wednesday (or Tuesday) every week (depend on the arrival of volunteers). If volunteers arrive on another date, they should join the Orientation training & start project next Wednesday (Tuesday) and they will manage them-selves for the free time. If volunteer would like to stay at our accommodation/youth hostel for the waiting time, they need to contribute 15 USD/1 day for food & accommodation. We can recommend some hotels with affordable cost for volunteers if they request. The cost is about 15-50 USD per night.
Volunteer can arrives by them-selves if they are traveling and not sure about exact arrival time. In this case, the arrival time should be in between 8AM-6PM on Monday or Tuesday and the exact arrival date needs to be confirmed 1 week in advance
An airport pick-up can be provided with a cost of 30 EUR. We can do an airport pick-up between 7-22h from Monday to Friday.

Project minimum time :
2 weeks
A project can be from 1 to 52 weeks.

Confirmation :
To get acceptance to one project, volunteer need to submit their application with different required documentations.
After got acceptance, they need to confirm the payment for program fee by bank transfer. The due time for the payment confirmation is 2 weeks prior the start date (arrival day).
As the number of places per project is limited, please make sure that you will get confirmation as soon as possible, especially in busy season (June to Sep and Dec to Feb).

Cancellation :
To ensure the quality of program, we suggest volunteers to make sure about their plan to come to Vietnam. To reduce the negative impact due to the cancellation, we have some regulations regarding returning program fee.
If volunteer cancel their project 8 weeks prior start date, 100% program fee will be returned. Volunteers will be responsible for the bank transfer which may cost.
If volunteer cancel project in the time between 8 to 2 weeks, prior start date, 50% fee will be returned.
If volunteer cancel project 2 weeks or less than 2 weeks, prior start date, 0% fee will be returned (100% fee will be charged)
If volunteer cannot come after confirmation and willing to come in the future, we will remain the payment for volunteer and he/she can come without any extra payment.

01/01/2018 - 31/12/2018

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400 USD
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20 ans
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99 ans
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