Concordia - Bonjour! I am the new EVS Volunteer in Picardie

Bonjour! I am the new EVS Volunteer in Picardie

Bonjour everybody!


my name is Florian and I am the new EVS Volunteer at Concordia Picardie for the next six months.

Back home in Germany I have graduated school and was looking for new challenges.

I decided to get involved in Concordia because I want to support this great organisation. I liked the mission of Concordia and the way you implement it.

At home I am also involved in different social projects so I am experienced in this field. Do what you can, with what you have !


So now some personal information about me. I spend my free time with a lot of different things. I prefer to be outside in the nature and like to spend good times with good friends. But sometimes I prefer a good book.

In addition to that I like to do different types of sports like basketball or handball.

I am in the last months before my 20th birthday in September which I will celebrate in Amiens.


Hopefully this wasn’t too many information ! If you have additional questions fell free to ask me.


I am looking forward to a good time with you in France!!



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