Concordia - Un projet pour adulte en Grèce entre développement personnel, découverte du patrimoine et volontariat !

Un projet pour adulte en Grèce entre développement personnel, découverte du patrimoine et volontariat !

Vous êtes âgé·e de plus de 45 ans et souhaitez faire de nouvelles découvertes et rencontres tout en étant utile cet automne ?

Elix, créateur de projets internationaux et partenaire grec de Concordia de longue date, propose cette année un tout nouveau type de projet entre développement personnel pour adulte, découverte du patrimoine et volontariat.

Dans le cadre de ce programme spécial, les volontaires découvriront le patrimoine historique de l’ancienne Olympie et se mettront au service de la communauté en faisant des petits travaux de jardinage, en entretenant les plantes et les arbres du jardin botanique d’Olympia situé près du site archéologique, et en réparant des sentiers.

Découvrez vite leur projet ci-dessous et n’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d’information à l’adresse suivante :


Project name: “Self-growth 4 grown-ups”

Project dates: 2 – 13 October 2019

About the project

Make a meaningful discovery! Escape your everyday routine and do something meaningful, fun and new in an exciting location and spice up your life through active participation.
Explore and enjoy! Get to know the history of the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, Olympia.

Make a difference! Contribute to a community service project and work in a team of like-minded people, while developing new skills and rediscovering lost ones!

Form new friendships! Meet like-minded people in an exciting environment and take part in workshops for personal development and wellbeing through teamwork!

ELIX, a Greek NGO with a thirty-year experience in organizing similar activities both domestically and abroad, launches this year an autumn project, specifically designed for grown-up travelers who wish to visit Greece and combine their leisure time with community service.

The project offers a more structured vacation experience for groups of people from different cultural, social and ethnic backgrounds willing to live, learn and work together as a team.

Participants will contribute to specific community service, engage in something completely new, participate in structured activities and workshops for wellbeing and growth, develop bonds with other participants from all over the world, and enjoy a meaningful experience.

Immerse your spirit in the history of the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the most celebrated sanctuary of ancient Greece, Olympia. Situated in the beautiful valley of the Alpheus river, Olympia offers its rich history and cultural heritage to the visitor who will explore its important and famous archaeological treasures.

The theme of this project is light gardening, tending the plants and trees of the Botanical Garden of Olympia, situated near the archeological site, as well as repairing footpaths.



You will stay in double bedrooms at the premises of the International Olympic Academy, situated a few hundred yards from the sacred site of Ancient Olympia. The grounds of the Academy include facilities for conferences, bedrooms and dormitories, restaurant, cafeteria, wi-fi access. Sports facilities include courts for tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball and a swimming pool. Breakfast and meals are offered at the premises.

Offering your time and gardening skills to the local Botanical Garden is not only valuable as a contribution, it is not an end in itself, but also a means of developing team spirit with the members of the group, acquiring new skills, discovering and sharing your potential, while exercising and awakening your body.

A pilgrimage to Ancient Olympia’s archeological site is an immersion in the spirit of the Olympic Games. Guided tours and time – travelling adventures through history, visits to the Museum will be a life experience. Group activities and workshops like art, games, yoga in nature, empowerment exercises and meetings, walks by the Kladeos river and excursions to the sea will help foster socialization among the group, a comparative advantage of these projects.


Project cost

This particular project has a fee of 890 euros: 20€ for Concordia’s membership and 870€ to be paid to Elix directly.

This includes accommodation in double room, full board, accident insurance and participation in all the activities.

Travel costs are not included.


How to apply

In order to apply, please contact us at the following email address:

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