Concordia - The beginning of a new adventure!

The beginning of a new adventure!

Bonjour ! My name is Clara Ela, I have recently just started what will surely be an amazing volunteering experience with Concordia Picardie, whom I met thanks to the European Solidarity Corps (ESC).

I’m 23 and come from Burgos, a beautiful city in the northern part of Spain. I will be staying in Amiens for my European Solidarity Corps project until December, and I’m super excited to make the most of these 8 months ! During my time here, I’ll be helping with the organization of different intercultural projects, as well as helping to promote international mobility. In short, I’ll be urging others to fly out of the nest and experience first-hand the wonders that this world, and especially Europe, have to offer.

My previous volunteering experiences have taught me to value multiculturality and open-mindedness, so when Concordia offered me an opportunity to share these values with others, I couldn’t let it slip! I’m particularly looking forward to helping in the leadership of international workcamps, it will be my first time in this context.



A little about me !

I have recently graduated university with a bachelor in Global Studies (think of a wild mixture of European, Middle Eastern, African and American Studies). I’m working towards building a career inside the European Union’s External Action Service and, right now, I’m hoping to improve my poor language skills while I experience the rich French culture (and cuisine of course ! ).

I’m an avid reader and love all types of sports, particularly those I can practice with others! My definition of a perfect day includes: going for a run to start the day pumped with endorphins, working on something I’m passionate about, spend as much time as possible with friends, and end up with some alone time, just me and a wonderful book.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me soon, until then !

Clara Ela

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