Concordia - So, a new chapter… – Témoignage de Keti, volontaire CES

So, a new chapter… – Témoignage de Keti, volontaire CES

“Life begins outside of your comfort zone” so, I left the most comfortable place for a human : being home, and moved to France to start a new life.

Bonjour !! (გამარჯობა) I am Keti, 24 years old and I just joined the Concordia team a week ago as a volunteer for my 6 months ESC mission in Amiens, France. My mission is to help the organization in promoting European mobility. I am really excited because  this kind of experience is very important in my life and I am happy to help young people realize how life-changing it can become for them.

I am from Georgia Flag: Georgia on Sony Playstation 13.1 , a little but very beautiful and special country in Caucasus. Currently, I am on my master’s degree in the field of journalism, but before fully starting my career I wanted to do something that I also enjoy: moving abroad and exploring a different country. I have always been passionate about working or volunteering in different places. These are the reasons why I have lived as a volunteer in Italy, Germany and Latvia, as well. It was one of the most memorable and lovely times for me. It helped me to grow as a person, be more open-minded, see other peoples perspectives about life and learn how to enjoy it more.

Coming to France as a ESC volunteer is another great opportunity for me to discover one of the richest culture in Europe and have a little part in its development. As a country of great fashion, food, culture and history, France was always in my top countries list, so I am glad to be here.

I am so excited about this new chapter of my life and I am sure if will be full of great experiences, good people and memorable stories !

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